Patrick Turner is a photographer living in Folsom California. Before moving to Folsom,
Patrick lived in the San Francisco Bay area where he worked in the motion picture
industry as a cameraman. From 1985 through 2006, Patrick worked for George
Lucas's Industrial Light and Magic, ultimately becoming a Director of Photography
for Visual Effects. His work creating images for the imaginative world of Visual
Effects and his fascination with the light, textures and form of the natural world
combine in his unique vision expressed in his photographs. He is a member of the
Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Cinematographers Guild in
Los Angeles. His photographs are in several private and corporate collections.

The act of 'seeing' is, in itself, a creative process. It requires that we slow down and
observe. What we choose to 'focus' on, and how we present it is what defines us as
artists. I photograph the beauty and mystery of the natural world. I seek to immerse
viewers in a visceral and sensual contemplation of the world around us and our
place within it. I seek out subjects that are at once recognizable and yet hold a
sense of 'something else', something not obvious, but there none the less. We hold
inside an ancient and profound recognition of the 'language' of nature - the
textures, spaces, line and form reveal the elemental and sometimes terrifying
aspects, its silence, its persistence, its beauty. Mankind came alive on the flat plains,
the jagged peaks of rocky mountains, amongst the tangle of forests and the gentle
sweep of rolling hills. It's a language we know intuitively. I photograph as a way of
reconnecting. It is my way of standing firmly on the ground, digging my feet deep
into the earth and saying “This is where I come from".