Botanical I often find myself asking this simple question - why do you do this? What compels you to look closely at life around you and want to capture a small piece of it in a way that is meaningful for you? After all this time, I'm still not sure exactly why, but I do know that there are visual elements out there that if listened to, can create a sympathetic resonance inside. I don't think it's necessary that we know exactly what is resonating within us; only that we are and that we appreciate that we are. It's a way of connecting to something ineffable. I know for myself that there's often a kind of transformation that occurs when I really look at something. At first I simply see the scene or thing as it is; a tree, the balance and proportion of a beautifully designed piece of architecture, a rock, a stream, but soon, if I'm patient, it takes on a whole other dimension and becomes something wonderful. There is something so ............ right about it.

To borrow from a piece of Taoist philosophy;

Something mysteriously formed

Born before heaven and earth,

In the silence and the void,

Standing alone and unchanging,

Ever present and in motion,

Perhaps it is the mother of ten thousand things,

I do not know its name,

Call it Tao,

For lack of a better word, I call it great.

It is great, isn't it? Keep it simple, practice patience, and compassion.