I saw this Hawk sitting on a low branch of a tree in a good friends backyard. I didn't have my camera with me, but I didn't live to far away and so I turned around and quickly ran back to grab my camera. I really didn't expect to see him still there when I returned, but there he was, looking absolutely radiant in the soft light filtering through the leaves of the tree he was perched in. I took a few pictures, but really didn't like looking up at him. I noticed a ladder leaning against the house and thought, hmmmmm - I wonder if he'd stick around. Sure enough, that bird didn't move an inch as I made my way up until I was standing on the top step of that very tall ladder, and once again - didn't budge an inch. There was a branch above my head and I thought, hmmmmmm - I wonder if he'd stick around. I stretched up to grab that branch, threw a leg over and climbed on up there, and still - not an inch. Mostly he was scanning the ground below us, no doubt searching for his next meal, but occasionally he'd turn that piercing glare my way. When I felt I had what I wanted, I had to sit there quietly and just marvel at how beautiful this creature was and how grateful I felt to share a moment with one of the lords of the winged world. It was Marvelous!